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Why is it so hard to keep promises to ourselves?

You know how it is. You have the best of intentions. You are determined to make that change, this time........ Yeah right. Most of us have no problem keeping promises to others, but can't seem to do the same for ourselves. Why is this?

Well first, why it's much easier to keep promises to others. You are probably a decent person who hates letting others down, right? You want to be known as a person who keeps their word. It makes you feel better about yourself and it also makes life simpler, true? Conversely, if you break a promise you pay a high price out in the real world. Relationships suffer. You get a reputation as a liar and nobody trusts you. You might be called irresponsible, lazy or unmotivated. That's not good for you personally or professionally. Don't pay what you promised, and your house could be repossessed! Lie to your girl/boy friend and they might even leave you - god forbid!

But, when you break a promise to yourself, well...... have you ever tried to leave yourself? Have you ever tried to talk about yourself behind your own back (it's impossible!). It's also pretty darned difficult to have a full-on argument with yourself without ending up in a straight-jacket. Your reputation doesn't suffer because no-one, least of all you, goes around proclaiming that you are a liar!

Out there in the real world there are no consequences at all. That's why it is just too darned easy for us to break our word to ourselves.

How might your life look if you kept all the promises you ever made to yourself? Promises like: "I'm going to only eat healthy food" "I'm going to make and stick to a budget." "I'm going to get out of this crummy job." "I am going to give up ....... (take your pick)." Would you be enjoying life more? Maybe you would be more organised, fitter, healthier, financially free, less stressed or more peaceful?

The truth is most of us need outer accountability to make major changes in our lives. We've all been there. I spent seven years procrastinating over doing my Masters degree. I knew it was going to help my career and my life in general. It was only after being coached that I finally put my portfolio together and enrolled. I trusted that I would be accepted, even though I had no undergraduate degree.

Coaching helped me believe in my potential which kept me going when I floundered. My coach moved me forward when I was stuck or unmotivated. He helped me build awareness about how I was sabotaging myself. I flew through my M.A. (with honours I might add), no problemo. That was some years ago now. But today I still meet with a coach about my business, and any other issues that may arise. I don't have to go it alone. I have support and feedback from someone whose only agenda is to help me succeed. The value of being coached is priceless. It impacts on every area of my life now, and will in the future. I am telling you this because:

I personally want to make you
this very special offer.....

I know for sure that you can reap the same benefits that I have enjoyed. Through coaching (which is mainly a process of questioning), you find out what you really want from life. I then support you to GO FOR IT. Through regular contact we plan, take action, review and troubleshoot. This means that you are always supported and kept accountable for your planned actions (your promises). As I've already said, it's much easier to keep promises you make to someone else.

I commit fully to your progress. That's what I love doing. My mission is to help you succeed in any part of your life where you want to find direction, make changes, or start something new. Imagine having someone you can talk to regularly, in confidence. Someone who has the skills to enhance your motivation. Someone to deal with self-limiting beliefs or resistance, and any problems that arise. Someone to keep you moving forward.

I know what you are thinking. That's all great stuff but how much does it cost? Well, I invite you to consider a value comparison. How much would you spend on a week's holiday? More than €600? And what long term benefits would you get from that holiday? Maybe some photos, some pleasant memories. But does it change or improve you life in any substantial way?

How much would you invest to improve the rest of your life? We normally work together for a minimum of three months. How much is three months coaching worth? I think you will agree it's priceless if it impacts on the quality of your life.

Sign up now and three months coaching
will cost you only €600.

At the completion of each one hour coaching session you pay an instalment, but only if you believe it's the best money you've ever spent. If not, let me know and you will pay nothing for the session - that's nil, zip, nada. Pure and simple. I won't take any money from you. You will owe no further payments and we will end our agreement. That's better than a money back guarantee - it's a

'money won't leave your pocket' guarantee!

That's how confident I am that this process works. So, what have you got to lose? Maybe a few more years procrastinating, or possibly the whittling away of the best years of your life. And remember, unfortunately you cannot get those years back....... (sorry, but even I can't help you with that)...... It's literally your call........

So phone now. Landline: 021 4676407 Mobile: 087 7513709.
I promise you won't regret it.

Unlike the promises we make with ourselves,
it's easy to keep our promises to others.

And be assured of this, I will keep my promise to you.

Kate Kalin
Acumen Coaching

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